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Potential Kroger Customer Feedback Benefits

  • Kroger Shoppers can win a gift card in the Kroger draw.
  • lucky winners will have Grand Kroger gift cards, worth $5000.
  • 100 first draws can Win a Kroger $100  Gift Card to each.
  • This Chance is available in each segmented period of sweepstakes,
  • Kroger customers can have multiple entries in sweepstakes.

There will be total 6 grand prizes and 600 first prize winners

Kroger Feedback Survey
Kroger Feedback Survey

What Are the Rules & Prerequisites for Survey?

Although Kroger Customer Feedback gives multiple entry points to participate, some specific rules are necessary to be eligible for Kroger lucrative Winning.

It is so exciting to know “No Purchase is Necessary !” and at the same time “No Purchase Will Enhance Your Chance To Win !”

Kroger Survey sweepstakes open multiple possibilities to enter in and be a Lucky Kroger Sweepstakes Winner. I have parted this segment into General, For purchase, and For mail-in which will provide ease to access the survey.

Eligibility criteria for Kroger Feedback Entry

  • Kroger Sweepstakes is open only to selective legal residents of the United States;
    • Including fifty (50) states of the United States and the District of Columbia,
    • excluding Florida, New York, and Rhode Island,
  • Who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry,
  • Employees of any of the Kroger entities and their immediate family members irrespective of their dwelling are not eligible to enter Krogersweepstakes.
  • Entrant can spot their entry multiple numbers times within each segmented survey period decided by Kroger Customer Experience Survey Entities.
  • though just one (1) entry/ day is allowed. Not more than one entry per day is acceptable.
  • Remember, A solitary Customer can take just up to five (5) surveys in a solitary month.

Make a purchase; Online Kroger Feedback are;

  • To grab this opportunity online you will need a purchase receipt along with Kroger Survey Entry ID OR Kroger Store contacts Number printed on your purchase receipt,
  • Computer / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone; either of the smart gadget along with Internet access will be necessary if you choose online participation in Kroger Feedback Survey,
  • Kroger Online Feedback Survey is accessible in two (2) languages those are; English or Spanish,
  • One (1) entry/ receipt is allowed.
  • A purchase receipt is valid until the last date in each segment of the survey period; before 11:59. Refer to the tabulation on the official page of the survey rules.

No purchase; Mail-in entry in Kroger Feedback Stores Survey are;

  • The entrant has had to hand-write specified personal contact details on a 3X5 postcard and mails it to the Kroger store address.
  • For details see participation steps in  “No purchase Mail-in entry” 
  • One (1) entry/ card will be accepted.

Visit the official page of the survey rules if you have any doubts related to the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Details of Kroger Customer Feedback

here are some attributes from Kroger Shoppers’ Feedback rules which are almost enough to convenience entrants not to miss the chance of participation. Check the below tabulation;

Attributes Details
Name Kroger Feedback Survey
Age limit At least 18 years
Entry Method Make a purchase/mail-in
Entry Chances 1 individual/  next day within each entry period (Multiple)
Prizes Kroger Gift cards for the Grand prize ( $5000)/ First prizes ($100)
Winners One (1) person/ Grand prize or Hundred (100) people for first prizes

How To Take Kroger Survey

Refer beneath are elaborate steps that you can follow to accomplish Kroger Feedback. I have bifurcated it for immediate actions those are;

  1. Purchase for online entry
  2. No purchase Mail-in entry

Purchase for online entry in Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

Keep your recent purchase receipt handy and follow the steps.

  • Access the official Kroger Customer Experience Survey URL using any of the smart electronic gadgets to take the survey;

  • Kroger Customer Survey is available in two (2) languages either English or Spanish. Choose the language of your preference. to go further in the survey.
  • on the same page, provide the details from your purchase receipt. refer to the screenshot given below. Click START to start the survey.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to rate the overall experience of your visit on the provided five-point scale. tick your answer and click on NEXT.
  • you will face a bunch of questions where you have to tick-based on your visit experience on a five-point scale.
  • Customers will be posed various inquiries related to their visit to the store, employees’ attitude, and their product quality.
  • Once you will finish with close-ended questions, you will see a comment box where you can plot your suggestions or quarries.
  • Do not hesitate to respond to negative remarks if any. All this happens without revealing the identity of the customer.
  • Towards the end, you have to provide contact subtleties. Kroger Experience Survey entities will use it to contact you in the future.
  • Customers can finish the survey with it.

Kroger Survey Feedback analyzes your comments, to takes necessary actions within the Kroger entities. Kroger Stores Feedback Survey ensures a better customer experience on your next visit to the Kroger Store.

No purchase Mail-in entry Kroger Feedback Stores Survey

  • The entrant has to handwritten contact subtleties on a 3X5 card. details of;
    • Complete name (no Initials),
    • Email ID,
    • Street Address (but no post box),
    • City,
    • State,
    • Zip code,
    • Contact number and,
    • Date of Birth,
  • Entrants can mail a card with all details (precisely handwritten) including sufficient postage, to the address;
    • To The SMG Kroger Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield,
      MI 48325.
  • Take a separate card for every individual entry.
  • It is mandatory to use separate cards for more than one entry in sweepstakes. A single postcard with multiple names on a single card will be subjected to rejection.

About Kroger Company

The Kroger Company, or simply Kroger, is an American retail company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, OH.

The son of a merchant, he ran his business with a simple motto: “Be particular.

Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” In addition to stocking a variety of regional brand products.

The Kroger Company also employs one of the largest networks of private label manufacturing in the country.



I have included all the necessary details related to Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey. I hope you find this article sufficiently informative about KrogerFeedback Survey at

Do comment; If you have any doubts related to any steps mention in the article; it will surely be answered.


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